Wetterbest offers photovoltaic power plants for roofs

Alina Oprea
Wetterbest, a manufacturer of roofing systems from Romania, announces that it offers photovoltaic power plants with an easy installation system on the roof of current buildings or at the time of its renovation, new generation products with a guarantee of up to 25 years, and personalized energy efficiency on the needs of any type of home.

"The roof is an extremely important element in terms of the energy efficiency of a building. By offering the possibility of purchasing the photovoltaic plant at the time of purchasing a metal cladding system, we want to optimize the time, effort, and last but not least the budget of our customers. We offer specialized consultancy in choosing the right solution for each type of home and support in drawing up the files for obtaining non-refundable financing", says Marian Pîrvu, general manager of Wetterbest.

Wetterbest has three types of photovoltaic systems: on-grid, connected to the national energy system, and hybrid, which are autonomous systems designed to include battery storage to ensure continuity of energy supply during the night or when the level of solar radiation is insufficient, but also off-grid, where the energy generated is incorporated into the battery.

Each system comes with three types of packages, with powers of 3 kW, 6 kW, and 10 kW. These include photovoltaic panels, support systems, solar inverters, batteries, and accessories.

Antibiotice Iasi to build a 2.5 MW photovoltaic plant

Antibiotice Iasi to build a 2.5 MW photovoltaic plant

Antibiotice Iaşi Company, the largest Romanian producer of generic drugs, will build a 2.5 MW photovoltaic plant. The company announced that it obtained from the Ministry of Investments and European Projects financing of RON4.08 million (€816,000) in this regard.

Schools in Vrancea to be equipped with photovoltaic panels
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Schools in Vrancea to be equipped with photovoltaic panels

The schools in Vrancea will be equipped with photovoltaic panels. The Minister of Investments and European Projects, Marcel Boloș, and the President of the Vrancea County Council, Cătălin Toma, signed the contract worth a total of €1.2 million for the production of green energy in the county. The contract will finance the project "Investments in electricity production capacities for own consumption at the level of Vrancea County". The project is financed by the Large Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020.

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