Pehart Group to invest €20 million in energy efficiency of production lines

Alina Oprea
Pehart Group, the leading producer of household paper products in Romania and one of the largest tissue paper producers in South-East Europe, is investing this year more than €20 million in the energy efficiency of the production lines of its two factories in Petrești-Sebeș and Dej. Developing new production capacity, diversifying the product portfolio, and increasing export capacity are other objectives in Pehart Group's investment plan for this year. The oldest paper factory in Romania, with a tradition of over 186 years, is also focusing its investment efforts on developing green energy solutions.

The company, which launched three new wet toilet tissue products under the Pufina brand last year, intends to enter the AfH (Away from Home) market this year. About a quarter of the total investment of 2023 will be directed towards the new converting line for AfH products (used in the HoReCa segment - restaurants, hotels, catering).

"Pehart Group has consistently made significant investments in the past years in new production lines and high-performance, innovative technologies that have helped us to offer our customers premium quality products. We will continue our investments this year while extending our areas of interest. We aim both to optimize the performance of all production machines to reduce energy consumption and develop production capacities, and to increase export volumes. We want Pehart's most popular brands to become the customers' favorites in new European markets", says Gabriel Stanciu, General Manager of Pehart Group.

Thus, in addition to increasing the volume of exports, the company aims to expand operations internationally and strengthen the position of its brands.

”Pufina is already one of the most popular brands among customers in Romania gaining more and more ground in the area of premium quality and environmentally friendly products. Currently, Pufina products are already on store shelves in Serbia, Moldova, Albania, and Bulgaria, and this is just the beginning of our ambitious export plans", Gabriel Stanciu added.

The General Manager of Pehart states that the company's investment plans will continue next year when the priorities will be the installation of new processing lines equipped with state-of-the-art technologies aiming to reduce energy consumption and increase sustainability.

"We hope to have a green production line up and running next year", he reveals.

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