Hidroelectrica signs Vidraru Refurbishment contract

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Hidroelectrica has signed a contract for the refurbishment of the Vidraru Hydropower Site (AHE Vidraru). The contract, valued at €188 million (excluding VAT), was awarded through an open tender and involves a consortium led by ELECTROMONTAJ, in partnership with Koncar – Engineering Co. Ltd. for production and services, with BUTAN GRUP as a subcontractor. 

The refurbishment works are scheduled to be completed within 84 months.

AHE Vidraru, with an installed capacity of 220 MW, is situated on the right bank of the Arges River, in a cavern 104 meters below river level. It produces 409 GWh/year of electricity, leveraging the hydropower potential of the Vidraru reservoir, and plays a role in frequency-power regulation within the National Energy System, along with providing ancillary services.

The refurbishment aims to achieve several objectives and benefits:

  • Increase the active power of each hydro aggregate from 55 MW to at least 58.8 MW, while maintaining a maximum discharge flow of 22.5 cubic meters/second per unit (90 cubic meters/second total for the plant).
  • Enhance the efficiency of the hydro aggregates and overall site.
  • Boost performance and return on investment beyond initial levels.
  • Improve the reliability, availability, and safety of all equipment and installations at the Vidraru site, ensuring the quality and volume of ancillary services provided.
  • Implement a centralized monitoring and control system at Hidroelectrica's Dispatch Center (DHA) and the National Dispatch Center (DEN) to increase operational flexibility and monitoring efficiency.
    Prepare the equipment and installations for a new operational life cycle.
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