EC backs EU photovoltaic manufacturing with European Solar Charter

Green Forum
The European Commission intensified its endeavors to bolster the solar industry in Europe through the European Solar Charter. 

This charter, signed during the informal Energy Council meeting, signifies a collaborative effort between the Commission - represented by EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson - energy ministers from 23 EU countries, and industry representatives. It delineates a series of voluntary actions aimed at supporting the EU photovoltaic sector.

Signatories of the Charter pledge to uphold the competitiveness of the European PV manufacturing industry and advocate for the establishment of a market offering high-quality products meeting rigorous sustainability and resilience standards, all in alignment with the EU's climate and energy objectives. Key elements of the Charter include the prompt implementation of relevant provisions in the Net-Zero Industry Act, emphasizing the use of non-price criteria in renewable energy auctions, public procurement, and other pertinent support schemes.

The European Solar Charter represents the Commission's latest initiative in bolstering solar panel manufacturing within Europe. Prior measures encompass a proposal for a Net-Zero Industry Act, currently under provisional agreement by co-legislators, and the formation of the European Solar Photovoltaic Industry Alliance. This charter aims to ensure that the transition towards sustainability and Europe's industrial ambitions progress hand in hand, expediting the adoption of renewables while concurrently enhancing sector competitiveness and fostering the creation of green employment opportunities.

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