EU imposes provisional duties on Chinese electric vehicle imports

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The European Commission has imposed provisional countervailing duties on imports of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) from China. 

The Commission's investigation concluded that the Chinese BEV value chain benefits from unfair subsidization, posing a threat to EU BEV producers. The impact of these measures on importers, users, and consumers in the EU was also examined.

Consultations with the Chinese government have intensified recently, following discussions between Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis and Chinese Trade Minister Wang Wentao. Technical-level contacts continue to seek a WTO-compatible solution that addresses the EU's concerns. Any negotiated outcome must effectively tackle the injurious subsidization identified.

The provisional duties for the three sampled Chinese producers are:

BYD: 17.4%
Geely: 19.9%
SAIC: 37.6%

Other cooperating Chinese BEV producers face a 20.8% duty, while non-cooperating companies are subject to a 37.6% duty.

Provisional duties, slightly adjusted downwards from initial rates disclosed on 12 June 2024, are detailed in the Implementing Regulation published in the Official Journal. These duties will apply from 5 July 2024 for up to four months. A final decision on definitive duties, requiring a vote by EU Member States, will determine if these duties will be enforced for five years.

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