Stericycle opens station for sterilizing medical waste in Oradea

Alina Oprea
Stericycle, one of the main operators in the field of medical waste treatment, inaugurates a new processing station in Oradea. The new facility will allow Stericycle to increase its medical waste processing capacity by 800 tonnes per year. Medical waste treatment is a highly regulated industry of critical importance to public health and safety. The station is the most advanced waste processing facility owned by Stericycle in the country and adds to the company's other investments in Romania.

Stericycle is investing $1.6 million.

"Our new unit, in the industrial park in Oradea, is an important investment for the health sector, being one of the most modern medical waste processing units we have in Romania. Here we use the latest technologies in the field, offering important support to the medical industry in the region, serving hospitals and public and private health facilities", says Iulia Nartea, general director of Stericycle Romania.

The method used for sterilization is one of the sustainable methods of treating medical waste. The new station uses steam under pressure and high temperatures to sterilize and decontaminate medical waste collected from health facilities in the area. This method allows the risk of infection to be eliminated, thus protecting the local community and the environment.

The technology used in the location helps to reduce water and energy consumption by recirculating the heat generated in the sterilization process. Thus, the volume of water required to obtain the steam under pressure used in the treatment process is significantly reduced and a smaller volume of waste water is generated.

Gas consumption is also reduced, as clean condensed steam is used to preheat the water in the boiler, which was not possible with traditional equipment.

The design of the facility contributes to increasing the speed, efficiency and sustainability of the medical waste treatment process.

"For more than two years we have been working for the inauguration of the new station in Oradea. Stericycle now owns seven medical waste treatment plants in Romania, the new unit being an example of how we can process and treat medical waste sustainably and closer to our customers' operations", adds Iulia Nartea.

Auchan publishes 2021 Sustainability Report

Auchan publishes 2021 Sustainability Report

Retailer Auchan contributed to the recycling of 14,000 tons of waste at the store level in Romania in 2021. Also, through the collection of used cooking oil, initiated in October 2019, more than 220,000 liters of oil were collected until the end of 2021.

Brasov County to have a comprehensive waste management system

Brasov County to have a comprehensive waste management system

The Braşov County Council has established the locations for the investments of the Integral Waste Management System (SMID) project in Braşov County. For this project, the county public administration provided RON 9.09 million in this year's budget (€ 1.8 million). Brasov remained among the last counties in the country that do not have a functional SMID integrated waste management system.