Romania allocates €226 million for integrated manure recovery systems

Alina Oprea
Farmers will be able to build manure collection and utilization systems with money from PNRR. Romania has allocated a budget of RON1.13 billion (€226 million), through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), for the implementation of integrated manure collection and utilization systems, says the Minister of Environment, Water and Forests, Mircea Fechet. He was visiting a livestock farm in Vlădeni locality, Iasi County. In the minister's opinion, this is the way to a green and healthy future.

"I am glad to see, in Iaşi County, entrepreneurs dedicated and concerned with Romanian agriculture. The farm we visited is an example of good practices, where quality combines with tradition. I am impressed by the management of this company and that it is committed to ensuring a healthy climate for the environment by promoting sustainability and preventing pollution, especially by reducing energy consumption, water discharges, gas emissions into the air, and good waste management. I want to remind you, on this occasion, of the budget we have through PNRR, RON1.13 billion (€226 million), for the integrated manure collection and utilization systems. I want to have, in the near future, many such farms and companies that understand that this is the way to a green, healthy future, and here I want to thank all the local authorities that have already started to implement waste management systems", said the Minister of the Environment.

The Ministry of the Environment specifies that it is very close to the launch of the call for projects through the PNRR for integrated manure collection and utilization systems.

Thus, the activities proposed through future projects will include specific actions aimed at building integrated communal systems (communal platforms, individual platforms for small and medium farmers), as well as activities to modernize integrated communal systems for communities with existing communal platforms, in order to reduce emissions of ammonia and nitrate pollution.


Romanias Minister of Environment:  We believe in a clean country

Romania's Minister of Environment: "We believe in a clean country"

At Romania's Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, priorities and challenges change from day to day, depending on events and issues, says Mircea Fechet, Minister of the Environment, Waters and Forests. He talked to Green Forum about the environmental infringements that Romania currently has about the plastic pollution in rivers and about the plans for accessing PNRR funds.

Green Forum  |  20 June, 2024 at 8:04 AM