Romania approves offshore wind farm installations

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Romania's Chamber of Deputies, as the decision-making chamber, adopted one of the most important pieces of legislation in the energy sector in recent years: the Offshore Wind Energy Law, a bill initiated by the Ministry of Energy.

Through the bill voted today, Romania has taken an important step towards promoting renewable energy in our country. Adopting a legislative framework for the exploitation of Romania's offshore wind resources is a vital initiative in ensuring Romania's energy independence and resilience, and it is also a commitment made by our country in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Energy: "Romania is on track towards offshore wind energy production in the Black Sea. At the pace set by the bill, by the year 2032, we will be able to have the first megawatt of offshore wind energy produced in the National Energy System. Additionally, offshore wind energy production will allow us to strengthen the Romanian industry through domestic production of green hydrogen and value-added products based on green ammonia. World Bank data shows that Romania has an offshore wind potential of 76 GW installed capacity, providing a conducive environment for the development of this type of renewable energy. Through this project, Romania is making progress in achieving the objectives of transitioning and decarbonizing the energy system, as well as consolidating its status as a regional leader in the energy sector. Adopting this bill is a concrete step towards promoting the vision I announced on the first day of my mandate: safe, affordable, and green energy for all Romanian citizens."

To operationalize investments in offshore wind energy, the Ministry of Energy will initiate, within 3 months of the law coming into force, a specialized study based on which the concession procedure and activities for exploration, construction of offshore wind power plants, and their exploitation will be prepared. Among other things, the study will determine the maritime perimeters that the Ministry of Energy will concede, taking into account: their wind potential, possibilities for evacuating offshore wind electricity, as well as the restrictions imposed by the Maritime Spatial Planning, including those regarding biodiversity and environmental protection.

Based on the study, by March 31, 2025, the Government will approve the offshore wind perimeters, and by June 30, 2025, subsequent implementation acts of the law will be adopted, after which the Ministry of Energy will initiate a competitive procedure for awarding concession contracts. Also, by June 30, 2025, the Government will approve the royalty value that concessionaires will pay to the Romanian state, determined based on the results of the study conducted by the Ministry of Energy.

As a result of this study, the perimeters to be concessioned will already be validated as compliant for the exploitation of offshore wind energy, namely:

- located in an area with high wind potential;

- the location of the perimeter allows for the evacuation of electrical energy;

- does not affect maritime biodiversity, including bird flight corridors;

- the positioning of the perimeters does not interact with other economic or military activities in the Romanian Black Sea space.

Green Forum  |  17 May, 2024 at 9:00 AM