Green certifications in Romania total 154 buildings in 2022

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In the past 12 months, there were 154 buildings in Romania that received green certifications under the BREEAM or LEED standards, accounting for one-third of all buildings that were certified in the past 14 years, according to data from green building consultancy ADP.

During 2022, industrial developer CTP has obtained green certifications for 36 buildings, while its total BREEAM-certified portfolio in the country reached 99 buildings. At the same time, NHOOD has 24 green certifications, retailer PENNY has certified 20 buildings, while Mitiska REIM and Square 7 Properties got green certifications for 13 retail projects. Globalworth and Transilvania Construcții have each obtained certifications for five buildings during last year.

Most certified projects in 2022 were in the retail sector - 59 shopping centres or grocery stores, followed by the logistics sector - 48 production or warehouse buildings, and offices - 36 certified buildings.

The biggest BREEAM score of 92.89 was obtained by the regional warehouse facility of Penny in Filiași. This was actually the biggest score granted to an industrial building in Romania. CTP Clubhaus, the new facility building delivered in CTPark Bucharest West got a score of 94.6%.

The biggest score for any building during 2022 was obtained by Globalworth for the office project Globalworth Square. The Bucharest-based building got a score of 99% under the green certification assessment.

”Although the construction sector is threatened by large price fluctuations, unpredictable legislative changes, raw material shortages, the number and variety of projects contracted for sustainability services in 2022, which will run for the next 2-3 years, shows us that developers will continue with their investment plans in which sustainability has a very important place. It is not only the number of projects that has increased dramatically in recent years, but also developers' ambitions for ever higher level certifications,” said Adrian Pop, general manager of ADP green building.

Last year, ADP green building has provided consultancy services for the 108 BREEAM certifications, which is roughly 60% of all green certifications obtained by developers across Romania.

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