OMV Petrom buys company that collects used edible oil

Alina Oprea
OMV Petrom, a Romanian oil and gas producer, has signed the contract for the acquisition of 50% of the shares of the Romanian company "Respiră Verde" SRL, a company that collects used cooking oil. Waste cooking oil is one of the main renewable raw materials to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and biodiesel (hydrotreated vegetable oil - HVO). Their use in transport considerably reduces carbon emissions. When using SAF, CO2 emissions from commercial flights are approximately 80% lower than conventional fuel.

OMV Petrom announces that it has taken important steps to increase the share of biofuels. In 2022, Petrobrazi became the first ISCC-certified refinery in the country that can produce SAF and HVO by co-processing biological raw materials. OMV Petrom is considering expanding production capacities to make sustainable fuels obtained from a diverse range of residual raw materials, namely used cooking oil.

Completion of the transaction is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2024, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions, including authorization by the Competition Council and by the Commission for the Examination of Foreign Direct Investments.

"We are looking for the best solutions to reduce emissions, and biofuels represent an opportunity to decarbonize transport. One of the goals of our 2030 strategy is for biofuels to represent more than 15% of total fuel production. With this transaction, we are taking a first step to ensure our access to the raw material necessary for the production of biofuels and we open the perspective of integrating the circular economy into our core activities", says Radu Căprău, member of the OMV Petrom Directorate, responsible for the Refining and Marketing activity.

Established 12 years ago, "Respiră Verde" collects up to 10,000 tons of used edible oil per year from economic agents in fields such as the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants) and retail.

The company has its own transport fleet and two main warehouses, in Bihor and Ialomita. It aims to enter other European markets in the near future.

"Through this transaction, we join OMV Petrom and its efforts to reduce emissions and produce sustainable fuels. We have the same objectives regarding the used cooking oil market and we believe that together we will increase the level of collection in Romania and in the region", stated Ionuț Popșea, co-founder of "Respiră Verde".

Wizz Air invests in sustainable aviation fuel

Wizz Air invests in sustainable aviation fuel

Wizz Air has announced that it is investing £5 million in biofuels company Firefly, Wizz Air's first capital investment in sustainable aviation fuel research and development. Over 57 million tonnes of sewage sludge are produced in the UK each year, with the potential to produce 250,000 tonnes of sustainable SAF fuel.

Romania reduces GHG from agriculture

Romania reduces GHG from agriculture

Romania has committed to reducing net carbon emissions from agriculture by 51% compared to 1990 by 2050, according to the long-term strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions of Romania, carried out by the Government. Also, 5% of the energy requirement in agriculture will be provided by the manure transformed into biogas.

OMV Petrom finances conservation of biodiversity

OMV Petrom finances conservation of biodiversity

The Civil Society Development Foundation, ProPark, and the OMV Petrom Foundation launch the "Green for the Future" program. The program is dedicated to biodiversity conservation and the responsible development of local communities in protected areas. The OMV Petrom Foundation fully finances the program in the amount of €800,000 in the 2023 edition.

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