Zentiva wants to plant 1 million trees by 2030

Alina Oprea
Zentiva celebrates International Forest Day today and announces its commitment to plant 1 million trees by 2030. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, Zentiva generates carbon emissions and announces that it is aware of its impact on the environment. That is why the company has committed to a strong sustainability program as part of its business strategy. The company states that it is important for all companies to work to reduce their impact on the environment.

"At Zentiva, we ensure the supply of medicines to more than 100 million people in Europe and beyond by trusting our products. We have defined a comprehensive sustainability strategy and want to formalize our commitment to become carbon neutral for Goal 1 and Goal 2 by 2030. In addition, we continue to invest in programs to improve our efficiency in energy, water, and waste management”, says Nick Haggar, Zentiva CEO.

Zentiva's sustainability journey began in 2019 by planting the first trees in Romania in the Făgăraş mountains. Since then, at the group level, more than 250,000 trees have already been planted as part of the reforestation and compensation program. The formalization of the commitment to 1 million trees planted is another milestone for the Zentiva team in all countries of the group.

"We focus our efforts not only on efficiency programs but also on Biodiversity, supporting nature to recover and restore local ecosystems. There is only one planet and we want future generations to enjoy their life on earth as much as we do," says Ines Windisch, Head of HR, Communications & Sustainability.

Romania is one of Zentiva's major contributors to the PlanetZ afforestation project. Of the 250,000 trees, 87,000 were planted in the Făgăraș Mountains, thus supporting the reconstruction of 22 hectares in Romania.

"Starting in 2019, we made a long-term commitment to contribute to the rehabilitation of biodiversity and planted tens of thousands of trees in areas deforested for decades in the Făgăraș Mountains. The target set at the Zentiva group level will continue these efforts where needed, ensuring a healthier environment for future generations. Our projects also support local communities and we will explore supporting the growth and protection of bees, which have a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems", said Ioana Lucescu, Zentiva Romania Communications Director and coordinator of the afforestation project in Romania.

Zentiva has reduced its CO2 emissions by 10% in 2022, following a 16% reduction in 2021. While the company's sustainability strategy is framed around 3 pillars: People, Partners and Planet, Zentiva will achieve the carbon target neutral by focusing on reducing carbon emissions, sourcing from renewable energy, and increasing efficiency in energy, water, and waste management.

DS Smith reduces CO2 emissions by 10%

DS Smith reduces CO2 emissions by 10%

In line with its decarbonization objectives, DS Smith has this year reduced CO2 emissions by 10% (15% compared to 2019) and achieved a 4% reduction in water consumption in paper mills in areas exposed to the risk of stress hydric.

Tarom saves 800 kg of fuel in sustainable flight challenge

Tarom saves 800 kg of fuel in "sustainable flight challenge"

TAROM aims for a new record for the most efficient medium-courier flight, part of the "SkyTeam Sustainable Flight Challenge" competition. The TAROM company participates, for the second consecutive year, in the sustainable flight challenge organized by the SkyTeam alliance. The sustainable TAROM Bucharest-Madrid-Otopeni route, operated with a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, meant a fuel economy of approximately 800 kg. Essentially, the fuel economy results in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions of over 2.5 tonnes.

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